All You Can Eat Buffets

All You Can Eat BuffetThis should probably be listed under Stuff Old Jewish People Like but I can’t help but notice that there are no Kosher All You Can Eat Buffets in Jerusalem (except for in Hotels), the Upper West Side, Pico Robertson or Le Marais. It can’t just be because of the old people. Luckily however, there are plenty of All You Can Eat Buffets in all Chinatowns and in Suburban strip malls and while they may not be kosher, the Jews love them! Why? Maybe it’s a throwback from the impoverished shtetl days where quantity was valued above quality. Maybe it’s a remnant of our history of Antisemitism where a Jew never knew if a particular meal was his or her last before they had to pack up their belongings and run away from the Cossacks and who knew when they could eat properly again? Whatever it is, despite their current state of relative wealth and freedom from Antisemitism, the Jews, they sure do love them a good fress!


3 responses to “All You Can Eat Buffets

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  2. The Jewish people need to have a place to go to and have good food.I just got off the phone with a disabled man who wants help and food for the holidayof passover and is having a hard time.
    I wanted to invite the Jewish public to know about a free Passover program with free passover sedarim and meals and talks and singles program.
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  3. Well, really the name of the whole site should be changed to “Stuff Ashkenazim Like” but other than that it’s funny. Especially the Canadian bit

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