Remembering The Holocaust

Remembering The HolocaustWith greater acceptance in mainstream America, many Jews felt that traditional manifestations of Jewish identity were, well, kind of uncool. While sill tenaciously maintaining their identity, Jews needed something with which to anchor it – and there ya go, the Holocaust fit the bill perfectly! Of course it is important to honor your dead, but often times Jews use the Holocaust as the central tenet of their identities, as if before the Holocaust, there was no good reason to be a Jew. Consequently Jewish communal resources are inordinately dedicated to Holocaust-based organizations, Museums and memorials. Is it any wonder that newer generations of Jews are uninterested in an identity based on virtual necrophilia? But still, that Holocaust train keeps a chuggin’ along!


16 responses to “Remembering The Holocaust

  1. What is significant about remembering the Shoah is not that it was a disgusting chapter in world history against the Jewish people but that it is a repulsive chain of events in our Western tradition. Germany was a civilized, developed country, one whose culture and tolerance attracted the large numbers of, among many groups, the Jews. Furthermore, to disregard that the sophistication of the German engineering used to murder was one of the most vile abuses of technology in history is to me just wrong. The millions of people (Jews, Roma, homosexuals, handicapped among many others) died not because they were Jewish, Roma or homosexual but because of arbitrary legislation and administrative decision. The NEED for the state of Israel is testament to this systematic failure of Europe to protect its minorities, something which the continent still grapples with yet today.
    To say that the “Holocaust train keeps a chuggin’ along” is to me either an ignorant or gross reference to the train system that transported the millions of innocent Germans, French, Polish and other Europeans that happened to be Jewish to their death. I respectfully ask that you seriously reconsider your interpretation of what the “Holocaust” meant not just to Jews but also to the entirety of the Western world.

  2. “Of course it is important to honor your dead, but often times Jews use the Holocaust as the central tenet of their identities, as if before the Holocaust”

    100% .. I’ve wondered about that too .. why don’t jews mention something horrible in their history like Spanish Inquisition in 1400s??
    What about the Babylonian exile ??
    Like if these events were nothing!!
    nice article

  3. Princess of Power

    “100% .. I’ve wondered about that too .. why don’t jews mention something horrible in their history like Spanish Inquisition in 1400s??
    What about the Babylonian exile ??
    Like if these events were nothing!!”

    Jews do mention other horrible things in their history. Through out the year we even officially remember some of them during the holidays (eg. Channukah, Passover). However, the Holocaust is more prominent in our consciousness because it happened so recently. Some of us are still living with grandparents or parents who survived and are still tormented with the memories. It is so much a part of our identity because we are still living with it.

  4. Truth Sojourner

    Very well said. Amen.

  5. To the person that wrote this article — What are you, a moron?
    To Swede — thank you for your comments, especially for explaining why the reference to the “Holocaust train” is so repulsive.

  6. To all of the antisemites of the world UP YOURS

  7. I always wondered what the hell was up with the Holocaust industry. Everyone involved needs to be shipped off to Yerushalayim to see what happens when we stop mourning the shitty things in Jewish history and build something instead.

  8. “But still, that Holocaust train keeps a chuggin’ along!”


  9. It happened nearly 65 years ago. Move. The. Fuck. On.

    Jews bitch about the Holocaust and it’s huge scarring effect on their people and how it’s still fresh in everybody’s mind. Go fuck yourselves. The Holocaust didn’t happen to you, almost everyone alive during the Holocaust is dead by now. Stop using the suffering of others to make your life seem like it’s been such a fucking struggle.

    You’re like black people that still cry over slavery. Crying about an offense you didn’t receive to people who weren’t alive to offer the offense.

    And anybody who replies with, “As a Jew…” or “You can’t understand because you’re not a Jew…” or “It affects all Jews…” can just go get fucked by a train.

    The rest of the world just smiles politely when you guys talk about the Holocaust, because nobody really gives a shit and we don’t wanna say anything and have to listen to one of your long, rambling schpiels about it.

    Oh, and on a side note, you idiots always talk about how you need to never forget the atrocities of the past in order for them to not happen again. Well…. Monks in Burma, Anything Breathing in Darfur, Mexico is currently a war zone, South and Central America experience cleansings daily, etc etc. You guys don’t care about that shit though. You rationalize ignoring it by saying it’s different or not something you can affect. That’s not true though – you just want attention.

    PS – More Ukrainians were killed in World War II than Jews. Where’s my national holiday and ability to talk down to everyone like a self-righteous cunt?

    • Are you some kind of Nazi? Germans killed six million innocent Jews for no reason. It was brutal and unspeakable, and you seem to not give a shit about how six million innocent people suffered and the survivors lived the rest of their life with the horrible memories. Have a heart!!

    • Well fucking said.

    • Not to diminish the severity of the Ukrainian famine, but the Holocaust was a little different. Read up on it dumbass.

  10. Hello (: I know I’m a little late in reading, but I’m doing a bit of research on the Holocaust & was wondering if you had any good books to reccomend? I’ve been to my local library & the selection there was less than disappointing.

  11. I am very insulted by this article and to the person that saitd everbody who was in the Halocaust is dead now they are wrong my granda and his sister are very much alive, Iknow many survivors so do a little research. And we are trying to help raise awarness in Dargur you are just an uneducated neo-nazi . It is becease of people like you that 11 million innocent people were killed.

  12. this article and some of its responses really digust me. the holocaust is remembered because of the mass murder of over 9 million INNOCENT people who simply died because of their religion. what did they ever do to the third reich, or hitler? nothing. the fact that some people don’t think that honoring those who died and those who were targeted, abused and scarred should be ashamed. sure, there are many other ‘holocausts’ going on, and there are some efforts to stop them. modern times have made it easier to kill people and harder to stop them. either way, this article is atrociously rude and the author should be ashamed. jewish people don’t use the holocaust as some sort of sympathy card–this is something that we should never forget.

  13. Why does the “Holocaust train keep chugging along”? Its because the Holocaust(TM) is a highly lucrative thing the elite Jews like to use for their benefit. It doesnt have to be anti semitic to say this, the elite “Jews” do not care about the common folk at all Jewish or otherwise. In order for the elite Jews at the time to get their state, six million had to be killed or accepted to have been killed by official events, since the way for the Jewish people to get the State of Israel from the Palestinians was prophecied that they would have to come back “six million less” , a Holocaust (burnt offering!) to God to cleanse the evil and wicked. The elites know this, ordinary Jews are taught otherwise. Infact the Jewish elite tried to say six million jews died several times before, to try to be able to claim the state of Israel for their people according to this prophecy. Sure Hitler was evil, he did kill a lot of people and treated Jews horribly, but this six million figure is inaccurate.

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