Florida for the Jews!Jews frickin LOVE Florida, particularly Boca Raton and Miami. Every December they descend upon these cities like a swarm of locusts. Is it any wonder then that the most well attended Matzo Ball parties are in Boca and Miami? It’s easy to understand why though. Most of the visiting Jews are there to escape the cold North Eastern winters where they live and to hang out with their friends who are doing the same. It’s also nice to get away from all that incessant Christmas mishegas, and well, since Florida is a thriving destination for retirees, they get to visit Bubbe and Zaiyde too. Add to that the existence of many establishments that sell Old Timey Jew Food and really, it’s no wonder the Jews love the State of Florida. Well all except for the North and the Gulf Coast. That’s mostly for the Rednecks and for the Republicans. Feh.


4 responses to “Florida

  1. guerillaontologist

    You are correct. Jews love South Florida… not Orlando so much though. What’s a mensch to do? Could it be that Jews love being surrounded by other Jews? You don’t say… and … that is so interesting… Us dumbfuck rednecks weren’t aware of that, um, phenomenon. Wow. North Floria and the Gulf Coast is missing you so much… please come back now, y’all hear?

  2. Florida: America’s Wang!

    (h/t Homer Simpson)

  3. heyjupiter118

    Ah, so true. I’m Hispanic, born in South Florida, and practically raised by Jews. I even learned some Yiddish b/c of my psychology teacher. And the only good part about going to church on Sundays was eating at one of the many bagel delis afterward 🙂

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